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Brick League


Do you love a challenge? Well, join the league! In this league, we will tackle a new building challenge every week! From pirate boats that float to marble run mazes, we'll be problem solving and engineering new creations together. While we're building, we will have the opportunity to talk to each other and share ideas, giving everyone a chance to socially interact and create new friendships. Do you have friends that enjoy being creative? Invite them to join the league, too! Round up all your Lego building friends and get ready to build with us!

Students will learn to think creatively, problem solve, participate in group discussions as well as give and provide constructive criticism. Guided by a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineer.  This will give children the opportunity to get creative and build anything they choose with LOTS of LEGO while seeing where engineering can take them. They can either work on their own creations, or build as a team.

The league will provide the LEGO, while the kids provide the imagination! All materials must stay at the club.

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Brick League

Is An Inclusive Space


We are a fully inclusive space for building and learning. In Brick League there are opportunities to belong to a community without having to “fit in” or hide differences, but rather embrace and learn from them. LEGO is also a toy that is perfectly suited for individuals with special needs. It allows for creative, solitary play; it offers repetitive, stress-reducing movements that build motor skills, and it is a vehicle for social skill building and speech enhancement. In addition, LEGO build an interest that individuals with a disability can share with their typical peers. We encourage mutual respect, effective relationships, clear communication, explicit understandings about expectations and critical self-reflection. And, most important LEGO are fun ways for us all to connect!

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Whats League?

What To Expect By Joining LEGO League

What To Expect

  • Learn to engage with other participants in a positive way

  • Learn to take turns and accept guidance from a facilitator

  • Practice speaking skills when presenting his/her projects to the entire group

  • Strengthen creativity and teamwork abilities

  • Reinforce fine motor skills

  • Create lasting friendships with fellow builders

Who Can Participate

  • Brick League is open to any child with or without a developmental disability, ages 6-12, who has good communication skills and building capabilities. 

  • Parents must remain on site during the League for safety purposes.

  • Due to limited resources, Brick League cannot permit outside friends or siblings to participate in the Brick Club if they are not ages 6-12, have not registered for the program. Drop ins are permitted when scheduled ahead of time, if space is available.

NOTE:  Limited scholarships will be available soon.


  • Respect the other members in the group. Listen to their ideas and allow them to finish talking before you begin.

  • Respect everyone’s differences. Different thoughts, interests or ways of doing things are okay.

  • If a participant is unwilling to follow the Club guidelines, his/her parents will be notified, and plans on how to move forward will be established. 

  • Masks are highly REQUIRED. We are an inclusive space and that means some members may need our protection and consideration.

  • LEGOs will be provided for participants. 

  • LEGOs will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

  • Meetings will be held inside distanced. 

  • Please do not attend meetings with any symptoms, including COVID, flu, strep, RSV, etc. If your symptoms include fever, headache, running nose, cough we will ask you to leave. We would like this space to be safe for all. 

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Have More Questions? Visit our F&Q Page, Click the link below.

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Have questions about Brick League, or interested in joining? Please reach out — we’re happy to help.


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